Welcome Back


I left off talking about Caraval on my last book post so now here I am to share with you my thoughts on Legendary by Stephanie Garber.

Caraval closes up nicely for Scarlett and you have a moment where you breath and you feel happy and relaxed and excited for her new  future, and then it ends with a note to Donatella congratulating her on escaping her father and surviving Caraval, but you learn that there is more going on and Donattella now has to complete her end of the bargain and its signed simple “a friend.” WHAT? Then the long wait for Legendary.

It opens where Caraval leaves off and you soon learn that Donatelle needs to learn the true identity of Legend in order to complete her end of the bargain. To learn his name she must win the next Caraval which is surprising starting in just a few days.

Stephanie Garber has such an amazing way with words and she sucks you in quickly and keeps you wanting more the entire book.  I gasped out loud,  I cheered and booed often, much to the dismay of my husband trying to play his video games.

We got introduced to more characters, our beloved Scartett and Juilan had their own secrets brewing in the background.  This book kept me up reading way too late, and I loved my time spend in its pages, but I also can still feel that raw frustration that the book ended with so many more questions that it answered.  I am looking forward to Finale and I am going to be waiting in agony for its release.

I also want to take a moment to talk about Jacks!  I am holding out so much hope that he will turn out good.  I just had to say it!  What do you think of Jacks? Who was your favorite character? Please leave a comment and let me know!