Lens of God

The Lens of God by Carrie Dugovic was written by a coworker of my husband who recently retired.  We read the book  because it was written by somebody we know.  My husband has still not read it, but hopefully he does soon.

When I started reading the book it was like I was reading large pieces of my own life.  I related to part of the lives of all the characters.  I myself was adopted just as Tasha learns early in her book.  I dealt with infertility just as the mother who adopted Tasha deals with.  There are other incidents in Tasha’s life that very closely resembled events in my own life.  There were times this made it hard to read, but also helped really make the characters very relatable to me.

Stephen was raised with a single parent for most of his life, I was also raised by a single dad for while.  Stephen also ends up losing his mother.  I lost my own mother when I was a child. I could relate to so many of his feelings and his anger at times.

Tasha and Stephen are both photographers. Photography is another hobby of mine and I loved the parallelisms Carrie used between photography and God, and life.

Carrie did such a great job of expressing the reactions and the thoughts and the feelings each of the characters are facing.  Most often christian fiction books tend to be almost fake.  The character faces hardships, they make a few mistakes, and they turn back to God and it’s all easy peasy full is sunshine and flowers. This book goes past that.  It gives strength to the readers and reminds us that even in the midst of the worst life can throw at us God does indeed love us and He has a plan for our life and it will be great and He will be glorified. It makes it clear that it won’t be easy. Carrie gives the characters flaws they have to work through. Just as we do. We see that while they are trusting God they are still struggling to fully “let go and let God.”

I would highly recommend this book even for those who do not normally read Christian literature.