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I thought that I would take some time to tell you guys why I decided to start this book club.

I used to read a lot.  I was almost always seen with a book.  I would even read while walking (which I really shouldn’t have since I’m very clumsy even when fully paying attention).  I started battling some health issues and went through a rough time for a while and was unable to read or so much for a long time.  When I gained back control of my health I was still struggling to read.  I would read one or two books a month at the most and some months nothing at all.  I wanted to read.  I would hear about books and want to read them. I just couldn’t for some reason.

I had a few friends during that time recommend books, tell me to borrow a book they loved.  I would read it and the motivation to read was so that I could talk with my friend after about the book.  That’s when I noticed that I was doing better when i borrowed a book a read a book suggested to me.  I started asking my friends for recommendations.  I started reading more.  I was getting in about 2 books a month and not skipping months anymore.  I noticed over all I felt happier.  I was getting time to myself to so what I wanted and it was great.

This lead to an idea about a year ago.  I was already blogging about homeschooling my kids and I loved it, but I wanted to do my own thing and so I slowly started adding a few book reviews.  I was really enjoying it and I saw traffic and comments increasing and I was excited by the new community I was building.  I was excited to read.  I was loving all the conversations.  I started making a plan and working up the courage to make that plan happen.  I’m not an outgoing person at all so I needed to get over that hurdle of being on camera and talking to people.  I thought this would be a great way to help me though.

My goal is to create a community built on readers who can discuss books and even different opinions in a safe spot. To share books that are loved and even those that were not enjoyed as much.  I have become so excited and I’ve been better able to have conversations with people and I hope that I can help others get excited to read for the first time or again if it’s a love that has been ignored for a while.  I hope to help give others a place they feel free to express their thoughts too.

Just as a reminder that today is National Book Lover’s day so make sure you make your way over to my instagram page and check out the giveaway I have going over there!

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