American Girl: Samantha

I thought today I would do something different and do a kids book.  Well it’s more a pre-teen book.

I loved the American Girls when I was younger and Samantha was my favorite doll and the first one I got and she was a Christmas gift from my parents.

Samantha: An American Girl is a series of 6 books written by Susan S. Adler and illustrated by Nancy Niles and was published by Pleasant Company for the American Girl Company.

I used to read these books (and the other series I had from American Girl) over and over again.  Samantha’s story was my favorite.  Samantha was an orphan being raised by her grandmother. Her Grandmary, as Samantha called her,   was raising her up to be a proper young lady in the early 1900’s and Samantha was a bit of a tom boy,  she loved to be called “Sam”‘ and run and climb tree. The book does a great job of opening the eyes to young children about what the world was like during this time while also teach lessons about love, acceptance, kindness and generosity.

If you have a pre-teen I would highly recommend these books, at least the original ones form my childhood.  I don’t know if they have changed the story recently.