A Review of Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Brain by Parijat Deshpande, MS is a great read for any women who has; had a high risk pregnancy and wanting to get pregnant again, is currently in a high risk pregnancy, and who is trying to conceive.

This book is filled with such positive and realistic techniques to help manage the very real anxiety that comes with a high risk pregnancy that many doctors are just not equipped to handle.

Parijat brings a real life experience and she shares with us about her own experience of a high risk pregnancy that ended with premature birth of her Miracle Baby.  She shares about how she beat the odds in her own pregnancy and was able to keep her baby safely inside for as long as possible.  She shares has she learned to quiet the anxious thoughts so she could connect with her body and learn that her body would let her know what her and her little MB (read the book to find out why the baby was called MB) needed. She learned how to know when it was time to rest, when it was time to drink some water, and even when it was time to call the doctor and get some medical help.

Parijat doesn’t promise a wonderful happy ending.  Nobody can promise that, but she shares how to sort through the medical speak to gain a better understanding of what is really going on when the doctor reads off a bunch of scary stats.  She empowers many women to start taking a role in doing more than they thought possible to help have the most successful pregnancy they can.

I knew going into the book mostly what to expect.  I’ve known the Author, Parijat, for a few years now.  We met online before she started trying for a baby.  We met back when our online anonymity was to seek out other women with endometriosis to gain a community from others who understood us. I was there in her “pocket” when she started trying, when she had her first loss, when she had her ruptured ectopic and had to rush to the hospital.  She was in my “pocket” during all my treatments and all my losses.  She was there when we made the choice to stop trying, which was about the time they were dealing with a medically fragile baby in the NICU.  I knew her story.  I knew of her work with high risk pregnant couples, but reading her book still taught me a lot.

I would have loved to have had this guide with me to read when I was on bed rest with my own high risk pregnancies (long story of how they came to be).  I have still take a lot of usefulness from her book.  One dealing with guilt and how we can still be sad or hurt about our situation even when others have it worse.  I had challenges ever complaining or just flat-out expressing that my pregnancy was hard because I knew so many who wanted to just be pregnant, hard or not.  I have a daughter with some medical problems because of being born early, but she was just barely early and her problems are minor.  I often felt I had to keep quiet and not complain about them or share with anybody about them because they have it worse, but her book address that.  Sure, I might want to “pick my audience” but that doesn’t  mean I can’t also have a hard time about our circumstances.

Make sure to pick up P’s book. It would make a great gift for a friend in a high risk pregnancy.  Maybe you are unsure how to help, but you do want to help? Get the book and gift it them. Read the book yourself.  You can learn ways you can help them handle moments of anxiety.