OwlCrate Review!

I’m sure (I hope) that by now you all are aware of how much I LOVE signed books.  Going to signing, finding them hidden in a bookstore like a treasure hunt. Some of my other bookclub besties also love to collect signed books and special editions and covers that are unique and beautiful.  This lead to our finding OwlCrate (if you use the link to buy I will get credit for referring you!) and we gave it a try!.

We were not met with disappointment.  OwlCrate provides a book each month that has not yet been released.  It’s signed by the Author, and it also has a cover only found in the OwlCrate.  There is also a handwritten note from the author!  How amazing is that? Plus they include all sorts of fun amazing and unique goodies.

I did a live unboxing on my Facebook Page and posted it on my YouTube channel as well so make sure you check it out! My Bookclub Bestie, Tanya, and I opened them on a joint live! It was so much fun.  I look forward to doing it again.

I loved the pocket mirror.  It was the first thing we opened.  It was such a powerful message of seeing beauty in yourself.  I loved that so much. I got a beautiful Purple Agate Stone Ring. The villainous queens on the magnetic bookmarks were so adorable and I loved the good and bad sides!. My favorite (besides the amazing book) was the book tin with quotes from The Cruel Prince. We got an adorable tea towel inspired by the Throne of Glass series.  I have not read any of these books yet, but they are all on my to read list so I am so happy to have these amazing treasures.

Last was the book Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart.  It has a beautiful rose on the cover set behind vibrant flames.  It’s so beautiful and the cover alone has me wanting to read this book and I cannot wait to dive into it! The letter was also a fun thing to read and see!

I am planning to order another OwlCrate and I am already anticipating the September box with a ton of excitement.