Save the Date Review

Save the Date by Morgan Matson

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I’m giving Save the Date by Morgan Matson 4 stars.  I really enjoyed this book, but I also felt like I was reading a movie script or plan for a movie. It was very predictable and easy to figure out all the surprises in store at the end, but sometimes those types of books are just perfect. I love the quick and simple read this book provided.  It provided lots of laughs even when sometimes it seems all the complications were a bit over the top, it ended with feel good sappy moments which I loved.

This book had a Father of the Bride type feeling to me.  Lot of silly over the top problems getting in the way of the wedding like a dog digging up flowers in the dad’s precious flower bed that he cares way too much about.  A silly rivalry between the dad and his neighbor, suits going missing, random dogs showing up.  It had some amazing feel good moments too that left you feeling happy and warm and a feeling of having just been wrapped up in a warm hug.

This is a book worth reading for sure, and hopefully in the future it’s something we see in the movie world as a great rom-com!