A Suitable Affair Review

A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor

This was another book my mommy Bookclub Besties and I found on accident, which you can read about here in case you missed it.

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I loved  this book so much! It’s a historical romance book. Taylor has such a way with words that I was pulled in quickly.  The opening scene is of the main Character, Susanna,  almost being trampled by a full speed horse being ridden by a handsome, though rather rude, stranger.

I loved how well I got to know Susanna and her many siblings.  Each sibling was just enough of a mystery that I found myself thinking about them and their stories long after I had finished the book. The good news is that this is a series and you will get to read more about the siblings! In fact the review of the next book The Perfect Duchess will be coming to you soon!

I often felt like I was really there and that I personal knew this family.  My heart ached with their past loses, and my heart soared with happiness when good things happened.  I was left feeling like I had truly stepped into this world.  I found a new friend in Susanna and I look forward to her next book coming out which is An Improper Encounter coming out in November 2018!