Time Tourist Review

The Time Tourist

by Sharleen Nelson

Imogen was four the first time it happened. As she flipped through her grandma’s dusty photo album gazing into the faded, monochrome faces of her grandma’s somber family–relatives with funny names like Aunt Ada and Uncle Paul and Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Gordy, and second cousins Percy and Viola from Missoula–suddenly, the universe tilted, and for a brief instant Imogen found herself inside of one of the pictures.

One of only a handful of individuals who can time travel through photos, she establishes an investigative business to help people recover lost items and unearth the stories and secrets of friends and relatives from the past.

Step into time with Imogen Oliver in this first book in the Dead Relatives, Inc. series as she investigates a teenage girl who disappeared to 1967 San Francisco with her boyfriend, then journeys back to 1912 to locate a set of missing stereoscopic glass plates that hold a curious connection to her own life.

I was hooked on the book just by reading the back description (above).  I was very fortunate that my friend, Bestie Tanya, was able to make Sharleen Nelson’s  book signing at our local Barnes and Noble and was able to get me a signed copy! (yep another signed copy for something!). I love the writing style of Nelson.  She really has a way with words and brings something as confusing as time travel down to a level that is understandable and so entertaining.  I found myself hanging onto every word.  Nelson does such an incredible job of capturing the feelings of loss and heartbreak that Imogen has to handle throughout the story.  She ends the book perfectly I think.  I have so many questions I want answered and I want to know so much more about all the characters, yet I was left feeling content at where life was for Imogen, but eager to find out where Sharleen will take these characters.

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