LOE Review by Bestie Jess

The Legend of Eve: A Warrior’s Past

By Anonymous

Review by Bestie Jess

I received an ARC of The Legends of Eve: A Warrior’s Past from a contest by Bookclub Bestie Di.

I had read the review by Anonymous, author of The Legends of Eve on Goodreads and had marked the book as a must read once the book debuts. I had been left with such intrigue as to how this story would unfold, a story that took so long to get to a point where it was now in my hands, I set aside my current books to dive into this fast paced fantasy world right then and there!

From the very first pages, I found myself immersed into a world chalked full of exciting yet heart wrenching stories led by characters I couldn’t put from my mind. The changing of perspectives from chapter to chapter left me on the edge of my seat as the worlds of S’Rae and Destrou began to unfold. Through the tough decisions, times of loss and pain and love, I felt like these characters leaping off the pages into my heart. As I dove deeper and deeper into it’s pages, I found myself not ready for it all to end, wondering how these characters would intertwine and if they would discover the true power within themselves.

I loved this fantasy world where one could learn how to master elements in a school environment and can even create a bond with animals called sols. I found myself eager to learn more about the students powers over the elements and how they can use those skills together. I also enjoyed the book’s quotable core values, they resonated with me and left me thinking about my own life and all it’s twists and turns. My favorite quote of the book was easily this: “It is easy to think that during your lowest points your life is worthless—meaningless; but you could also be one step away from beginning it. A new life where fear no longer controls your decisions, but hope does. It allows you to see the light despite being surrounded by darkness.” I know this is just the beginning of these characters journeys and you can definitely count me in for the next books, because I’m not ready to say goodbye to S’rae and Destrou and their friends, that’s for sure! There’s so much more I need to know, and I am looking forward to as The Legends of Eve continues.

Thank you Anonymous for not giving up writing this story, it’s touched my heart and for that I am grateful.