The Skylark’s Song Review

The Skylark’s Song

By J M Frey


I relieved this ARC through netgalley just a few days before it was released in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

This was such an interesting story.  I gave it 5 stars.  It’s really more of a 4.5 that is closer to 5, but Goodreads doesn’t let you do half stars.

A Saskwyan flight mechanic with uncanny luck, seventeen-year-old Robin Arianhod grew up in the shadow of a decade-long war. But the skies are stalked by the Coyote-a ruthless Klonn pilot who picks off crippled airships and retreating soldiers. And as the only person to have survived an aerial dance with Saskwya’s greatest scourge, Robin has earned his attention. 

As a pilot, Robin is good. But the Coyote is better. When he shoots her down and takes her prisoner, Robin finds herself locked into a new kind of dance. The possibility of genuine affection from a man who should be her enemy has left her with a choice: accept the Coyote’s offer of freedom and romance in exchange for repairing a strange rocket pack that could spell Saskwya’s defeat, but become a traitor to her country. Or betray her own heart and escape. If she takes the rocket pack and flees, she could end the war from the inside. 

All she has to do is fly. 

Filled with intrigue, forbidden romance, and a touch of steampunk, The Skylark’s Song soars in this new duology from the award-winning author of The Accidental Turn Series.

Robin is one amazing women in this book.  Her strength and her determination to learn as much as she can and to over come the challenges set before her.  She’s in the poor class and can’t afford all the fancy classes, she’s a female and yet she ends up being the best pilot her side has during this war.

When she is captured by The Coyote things start changing and everything she’s every known starts to be questioned.  I honestly didn’t have high expectations of this book.  I thought it would be a simple story and not something I would really enjoy that much, but I fell in love with the characters.  My trust in The Coyote went back and forth and I found myself confused trying to figure out the truth about him (I really love when a book can confuse me!).  There were times when my stomach sank and I felt like Frey had just gut punched me.  I’m still holding out hope for one particularly bad part towards the end.  I cannot wait for book number 2.  I need to know what is going to happen with Robin and what is going to happen in this war.  I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!!

I would highly recommend this book.  It was a quick read.  Not for being simple, but for just grabbing your attention and sucking you into the world and making you desire to know more and more and more.  I really enjoyed this book and it was a great book to start of my September!