The Dark Truth Review

The Dark Truth

By Jerry Knaak

picture by Bestie Shelly-thank you for the fun photo to use!

I gave this book two stars on my goodreads account.  I don’t want to be so mean as to say don’t read it.  It isn’t like I completely hated it. There were enjoyable parts and the author had some great idea, but the execution of those idea did not play out well.

The character development was weak and so was the plot.  I think Knaak has a great idea and I have hope that books 2 and 3 pick up on things dropped so that it isn’t something that has been forgotten about.  I feel like the author just choose all the current popular things wrote about it.  Trilogies are popular, so let’s make it three books long, vampires are all the rage right now, so there is our main topic, and hey everybody is digging the 80’s so let’s do that by making the main character old enough to have been in the 80’s.

I often felt like I was reading an 80’s slasher movie script or something.  I get that it’s a vampire book and there would be killings and gore, but it just doesn’t seem to have any reason (again I get vampires are reacting to their new natural instincts) and it was just too much.  Each time I thought things were getting interesting and that maybe something new and exciting was going to happen, the topic was dropped and never brought up again.  Like there actually wasn’t anything new happening after all.

I have the second book already, but I don’t think I would be reading it if I didn’t already own it.