Inside an Amish Home Review

Inside an Amish Home: A Rare and Intimate Portrait

by Herald Press Editors


Welcome to an Amish home. It’s rare for outsiders to see inside the homes of Old Order Amish people, who live their Christian faith in community, simplicity, and humility. An Amish family in the Midwest gives us a glimpse into the intimate spaces where their family life unfolds. Patterns of work, play, fellowship, and worship become visible, and the warmth and light of the rooms bear witness to their love for God and for each other. Come in!


This was a quick read.  I started it and finished in while eating lunch one day.  I am very interested in the Amish and I was excited to get this through netgalley since it was full of promise that I would get a close look at the Amish.  The pictures were great and I did enjoy them.  The tidbits of information was nice, but honestly it wasn’t anything special.  I could have gotten this information from the internet easily.  I gave this a review of 4 stars on goodreads but really wanted to do 3.5 stars.  It wasn’t bad and it was interesting to look at, but it wasn’t anything special.