The Dark Descent Review

The Dark Descent

by Jerry Knaak


A New Beginning

Elizabeth Rubis, ex-San Francisco public relations professional turned impulse-control-challenged vampire, may have escaped her rocky prison in an abandoned coal mine, but trouble keeps following her bloody trail. The unapologetic Elizabeth better get her act together and fast.

A New Ally, A New Enemy

Finding a surprising ally in San Francisco police detective Jonas Dietrich, even as she continues stumbling through her transformation, is comforting but a new enemy has emerged – an actual church-trained vampire hunter.

A True Demon

As Elizabeth discovers new supernatural powers along the way, she continues to evolve into a true demon of the night.

I had low expectations when I went into this book. I only read this book to see if maybe the unanswered questions got answered or if the author really did just drop things and forget to come back and  write about them.  It is a series and It should leave you with some questions, but this was not like that.  You can read my review of The Dark Truth, the first book of the series here.

When I went onto Goodreads and amazon to read reviews of the series both books had a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews.  I have now read both books.  I was hoping maybe the second book would be good enough to make the first one worth reading, but honestly it wasn’t.  I will admit that it was better than the first, but still lacking.  The writing is lacking and the story development is poorly done, in my opinion.  I don’t care for the writing style. I feel like it is poorly thought out and things were just thrown in there as a last-minute thing, just as fun, since other vampire stories used them. There were more questions unanswered then answered. I understand that there is one more book in the series so there should be some stuff left for the last book, but these questions have gone on too long and instead of making me eager to read book three it just makes me want to not pick it up.

I have not yet decided if I will read the last book.  I want to read it to see if maybe all those weird clues that lead nowhere might end up being answered, but I’m also not sure I want to put myself through a book so poorly written again that leaves many story lines dropped and forgotten about.



***Photo credit to my friend Shelly!