Review of Trinity


By Elena Carpenter


In a small town named Ketra, wrapped in rolling hills, Elizabeth Starr and her mother live in a time where mysterious legends have been told for generations. One in particular, spoken of the most, is the legend of the two clans, the Corzos and the Ogres. Lenzo leads the Corzos, and Ozar the Ogres. Their fathers before them led the clans when they were one. They were cousins, and Lenzo’s father was Cortize. The father of Ozar was Orion. They were obedient to the laws of Trinity, which kept all realms and dimensions in order with balance, peace, and harmony with the immortal and mortal worlds. Orion rebelled against the laws as jealousy arose over a mortal woman who chose Cortize over him in marriage. They then became divided. Trinity ordered Lenzo and his warriors to stop Ozar so that the laws would be restored once again. Elizabeth and her friend Sara Williams were invited for a day hike with their long-time school mates Jared Collins and Danny Smith, the day after their junior year ended for summer vacation. They set out on an old trail called Teak Forks Trail, which was no longer used due to mysterious deaths. Another hiking trail was used in place of it miles away. During the long, hot hike, Lizzy feared the legend and became frightened. When they reached an area they never knew existed, she surprisingly became infatuated with Jared and found romance. Then confusion took over, and her life became complicated. They found the legend to be true, and her rescuer, Lenzo, could transform from human to wolf, as all clan members could. She became overwhelmed with his beauty and strength and couldn’t resist her feelings for him. Not only was there a battle with the clans, but also a battle in her life, as she wanted to have both Jared and Lenzo. She was living in torment when she found out that Ozar also wanted her for himself.

I went into this book with warning from the author that the first book she kept more geared towards middle grade level.  I won a signed copy of Trinity and Horizon from a giveaway she was having on her Facebook page.

I really liked how this story sounded, but I also was warned that book one was written for younger audience so I went into the book with an open mind.  Right at the start you can tell that Elizabeth, or Liz for short, has a rocky relationship with her mom. He dad is not in the picture as well.  You see she has some great friends that she’s know for a while.

The book starts off with Liz and her friends taking a hike during summer while school is out.  You start to get introduced to the legends that have floated around the town about strange magical beings.  Jared soon make his move with Liz and you get swept up quickly in young adolescence romance.

While the boys horse-play in the water the girls walk about to explore and gossip about boys.  Their short innocent walk soon because a life changing experience filled with danger and terror as they realize the legends they had been raised on were in fact truth and now Liz and her friends were in the middle of a war between clans.

Liz soon finds herself falling for Lenzo, one of these magical beings who is leader of the Corzos, who is trying to stop the Orges clan from taking over the human race and stealing their souls.  I often found myself frustrated with Liz as she strung two boys along, but I also often felt my heart hurt for her as she struggled to know what to do about her feelings for two amazing guys.

Liz and her friends are soon brought into the world of beast, wars, and magical pets, Wekluws.  Can I just take a moment and mention how much I would love to meet Aurora in real life! She sounds so sweet and adorable, but also fierce and brave and amazing. The friends must make some hard choices as they find themselves in the middle of this war and try to save their town from the evil Orges.

I was left with so many questions that I need answered. I am so glad I have book two, Horizon, to dive into.  I’m putting it onto my to be read list for next month!