Sky In The Deep Review

Sky In The Deep

By Adrienne Young


The opening of this book was so amazing, so vivid, and so active that I had this whole movie scene play out in my head.  The camera set on one person yelling out warning and then the camera pans out to the soldiers all ready for the attack.  A moment of stillness and silence followed by the enemy charging ahead and the clanging of swords and armor fill our ears.  Heart racing moments. Falling soldiers, not knowing which side yet is good or bad.  From the beginning this book grabbed me and pulled me along on this ride.  I was left tense and on the edge of my seat.  I was torn as I tried to figure out who should be trusted.

Adrienne Young paints a wonderful story in my mind with her words.  She is powerful for sure.  The story opens in battle and action and the need to hold your breath as you wait to see what is happening.  Eelyn then see the impossible, her brother, but that can’t be, he died five years ago.  She saw his body.  In that moment of wonder and shock her life suddenly hangs in that balance as an enemy Riki has overpowered her.  Saved just moments from death by her brother Eelyn is in shock and must come to terms with the possibility that her brother is really alive and fighting with the enemy.

Unable to resist the urge to follow her brother and his friend Fiske, the enemy, Eelyn is captured and taken to live with the enemy as their slave. Filled with anger and shock and bitterness towards her brother’s betrayal Eelyn decided to just survive for now until she can escape, but she finds herself seeing how much the Aska and the Riki are all alike.  They act out of love for their own and their family.  They mourn the loss of their loved ones.  Slowly Eelyn starts seeing the people as more than Riki, the enemy, but also sees them as people just like her.

Faced with a midnight raid by a common enemy Eelyn must decide if she should flee or stay and fight for the people who have captured and enslaved her.  Lines have been blurred and she’s no longer sure if the Riki are her enemy, but she does know that the survival of her people, the Aska depends on the destruction of the enemy that threatens both the Riki and the Aska.

This book was filled with battles that kept my heart racing, love that melted the coldest parts of me, tough choices that I would never want to make, and a hope that filled my soul.  I clung to every word Young wrote.  Her style so unique and amazing.  Bringing just enough calmness to take a breath in between all the intense moments that left me on the edge of my seat.

I closed the book, shut my eyes, held the book close to my heart, and I sighed.  I had a moment of stillness and silence to honor this amazing book. I then turned to my husband nearby and gushed.  I told him that when this becomes a movie we are going to go watch it and he will love it!

This is a five-star book, without any doubt.  I highly recommend it.  Please go read it.  Stop what you are doing and just go read it.