Bestie Jess Reviews Again!

Sky In The Deep

by Adrienne Young

Book Review by Book_Nerd_Jess

This Viking YA novel captured my heart so unexpectedly. I bought this book because my cousin had pushed it into my hands and said I had to get it because it was going to be awesome. I’m glad I fully trust her to pick books for me like this, because I didn’t even give the synopsis on the inside sleeve a glance, I just purchased it right then and there.

Sky In The Deep dives right into the action, beginning in the middle of a fierce battle between the two rival clans, our heroine Eelyn is with the Aska, fighting alongside her best friend and father they charge into battle against the Riki clan. Eelyn is taken by surprise when she sees her brother on the battlefield, not only is he impossibly alive, but because he is fighting with the Riki. This cannot be true, because Eelyn watched her brother die in battle 5 years ago and has vowed to avenge his death all these years later.

Unable to believe her eyes, Eelyn chases after her brother leaving her clan behind. She is captured by the enemy Riki where she is forced to hold out as a slave amongst the Riki until winter passes and the thaw comes so she can make her escape.

As she lives with the Riki her brother has come to call family, she begins to form bonds with them, no longer nameless enemies, how can she go back to the Aska and fight the Riki? She can’t deny the change of heart she is beginning to feel inside herself and the draw she has to Fiske, her brother’s Riki best friend.

Things become even more complicated for Eeyln when she finds herself in a position to change the tides for the future of both rival clans but such a risk will come at a huge cost to not only her heart, but her soul as well as the fate of Aska and Riki alike.

With just the right amount of battles, tough choices, and love stories, I never once was bored reading Sky In The Deep. I hung onto every word as I got closer and closer to the conclusion, and was left feeling so happy I never questioned whether or not to read this book.