Wind and Glass, Fire and Stone Review

Wind and Glass, Fire and Stone

by Quoleena Sbrocca

I received this book through the publishers and netgalley. When I accepted this book it was the start of my blog reviewing journey. I said yes to anything back then (and still mostly do) because I did not know I was allowed to say no. I was not super eager to read this one. The story seemed hopeful, but I read some other reviews that made me a little nervous to dive into an almost 800 page story so I put it off.

Well I should not have done that. I loved this book. It was amazing.

Wind and Glass, Fire and Stone is set in the future. We are lead to believe (along with the rest of the population) that the Homo Sapiens destroyed themselves and the earth and a huge world war and the new Homo Praestans were now using their abilities that they gain on their 2nd birthday to heal the earth. Every person experiences the Luminescence in their second birthday and awake with a mystical ability. From controlling the wind, reading emotions in others, making things grow and thrive, and so many other. 10 in all. Rayne felt like an outside her whole life because she had not experienced the Luminescence and was without an ability or job in her world.

On the night of Rayne’s 17th birthday she is visited by the Luminescence and quickly finds she has the ability to speak with and control ainimals. She not only has this ability it is heightened and stronger than the others with this same ability and she is able to call forth and ride the creature no other person has done yet, the Master Eagle. Confused and unsure how this happened Rayne’s parents only offer the advice of keeping quiet because they fear the board, the government in charge of their species). They do not know why they fear the board other than Lady Sapphire’s (Rayne’s mom) wanted them to.

The next night Rayne experiences the same symptoms of the Luminescence and finds she gains another ability. More confused then ever Rayne has no idea what to do and skips school. Only to end up discovering that she actually has possession of all 10 abilities and each one is stronger than anybody else’s. Seeking advice and struggling to conceal and control these new abilities Rayne decides that her parents cannot help her. They are her birth parents and the board had assigned her to them along with her companion Rafe. She needed to seek answers from the board. She mounts her Master Eagle with the supplies her mom packed her and leaves. Intending to go straight to the board.

Her master eagle decided he needs to show her something that has been hiding behind an invisible wall with technology made to look like a healthy and clean sky. Behind this wall is death and destruction and humans. Rayne meet some deranged fuges who want to take her back to their evil leader until she is rescued and taken deep into a cave. She learns just how much the board has been hiding and how evil they really are. Now she just decided if she should help these humans and risk her life and all that she has known.

Quoleena Sbrocca does an amazing job of creating a world that makes you question the truth as well as the other characters. I fell in love with so many of these amazing and strong characters. I was amazed by Rayne’s ability to fight for what was right even when it seemed nobody else would. She proved that age and gender have no baring on ones ability to change the world. She proved that there are times it’s ok to stand up and fight and sometimes it necessary, but there are also times when there may be other options and those should also be pursued.

There were a few times it was hard to read. The Homo Praestans spoke with a very refined and proper speech that sometimes it dragged a bit, that improved as you got more into the book and old English slipped out. It was also necessary to help fully create Rayne’s world.

I had moments of tears, of anger, and of immense joy. Sbrooca has a delightful way with words and she sucked me into the story and all the characters becomes real and I felt all their pain and joys.

I highly recommend this book. It releases in February of 2019 and it is a must read. Don’t let those 800 pages scare you. The chapters are short and it’s broken up into three parts so it goes much faster than it seems and I was not ready to step out the new world Sbrocca took me into. This is a highly anticipated 2019 read for sure.