Spells & Caramels Book 2

Black Arts, Tarts, & Gypsy Carts 

By Erin Johnson


This book follows Imogen and her friends on their adventures as royal bakers after Maple won the baking competition and choose Imogen and Sam to work there with her. In this story there is a magical carnival that the royal bakers go work a booth at. Imogene meets the amazing strong man who save her and her friends when the tent almost collapsed on them during set up. She learns that this new friend, Edward, is also a swallower. She agrees to get some magic lessons so she can avoid being alone with Hank.

A few new characters are introduced and once again Imogen finds herself in the middle of a murder case that she must solve to save her innocent friend.

I loved this so much. Erin Johnson has such a fantastical way with words. I got sucked in once again and enjoyed my ride. Iggy, the flame, is quickly becoming on of my favorite characters. His witty sarcastic personality provides many much needed laughs to catch a breath in between the mystery and intense moments.

I have enjoyed watching the relationships grow between Imogen and all the royal bakers and they grow into family.

I loved all the clues and hints drop about who Horace is and where he might be. Clues about Imogen and her biological family. I’m eager to pick up and read the rest of the series. I’ve fallen in love with characters and Erin Johnson’s writing.