The Christmas Sisters Review

The Christmas Sisters

By Sarah Morgan

I love everything about this book.  I got to buddy read this book with Nichi even though sick kids and busy schedules tried to make it not happen. It took us a bit longer than we wanted to and I think Nichi still has a little left to finish since her little guy ended up sick again. 

This story follows the lives of three sisters and their adoptive parents after their parents were killed in an avalance that some how did not kill their adoptive mother and best friend of their biological mother.  These sisters all struggle with their own emotional problems from that day, from not trusting, to being overprotective, to feeling an overwhelming grateful that they put their wants on hold to make sure they help their adoptive mom.  

This had a cute fun hallmark movie feeling.  Sarah Morgan does a great job of grabbing my attention and sucking me.  I had tears in my eyes many times as I felt strongly for these sisters and the struggles they were facing. 

This was a great read and was the perfect book to start off the Christmas season with.  I highly recommend this one so make sure you go get it and read it!