The Similars Review

The Similars

By Rebecca Hanover

This story follows Emma after the loss of her best friend due to suicide. She returns to school without one of her best friends and her other close friend ignored her for most of the summer. In a time of cloning there are many rules, but 6 kids were cloned without permission and raised on an island. Nobody knows who has clone. These six similars show up at school this year only to find that Emma’s dead best friend was cloned and now she must face the school year looking at the face of her best friend even though it is not her best friend. There are tons of mysteries along the way and it ends in a fast paced heart thumping way that leaves you longing for the next book.

This book was so awesome. I really enjoyed it. I won the ARC in a giveaway on YouTube and I’m so glad I did. It is amazing. Emma was such a fierce and intelligent character. I loved her determination to learn the truth. She had such an openness about her too. She may have wanted to judge and jump to conclusions, but she opened her heart and the story that comes after that moment is amazing. 
She lost her best friend and could have chosen medicine to numb the pain, but she knew it was better to be in pain and have her memories and the ability to keep feelings and being open to new friendships.

I loved the way that Emma is so determined to get deeper and really figure things out. She was so fierce and so strong that I was left feeling so empowered after reading this book. I have so many questions left unanswered and I cannot wait for the second book!

The Similars releases TODAY!  Go out and get this 5 star book now!