Bells of Saint Michaels

Bells of Saint Michaels: A Christmas Story

By: Bryan Mooney

Grace Albright is hoping for a Christmas miracle. Grace, a blind schoolteacher, and her father, the Reverend Bill Albright, are trying to keep the local school and church open in the seaside village of Saint Michaels. But they are running out of time. Since the church bells and the pipe organ have gone silent, attendance has dropped. And now, the bishop is coming on Christmas Eve amidst rumors he may announce the closures. 
Grace urges her father to enlist her childhood friend, Sam Carpenter, an expert tuner, to step in to bring the church bells back to life. Her father initially refuses, still blaming him for Grace’s blindness, but he finally agrees. 
During the tuning process, Sam and Grace solve the mystery of the bells of Saint Michaels, but can they make them ring? Can they save the church and experience a Christmas miracle as Grace and Sam find their feelings for each other have blossomed from friendship to love. ? If only…

I discovered this little gem on Amazon’s kindle unlimited. I decided to try it out for a month and this was suggested to me after I read my other Christmas books. I was very much into the Christmas books and the description. (Above) sounded like a cute story so I had to see.

If you like sappy, sweet, happy books then this is perfect. Add in a fun Christmas season setting and it’s just perfect. It was a totally “aw” inducing story that left me feeling happy and content and ready for the holidays.

Grace had so many life lessons to learn and she grew into this amazing young women during the story. The reverend, Grace’s father, held onto a bitterness and a grudge for a long time and he needs to learn how to let it go if he wants to see his daughter happy. Sam lost his father and must deal with figuring out where he fits in with his dad’s tuning company and figure out where home is for him now.

This story was full of everything g you want during the holidays. Romance, sappy moments, learned lessons, forgiveness, and remembering the true Christmas meaning is not about gifts, but about love.

I know the holidays have past now, but I highly recommend grabbing this book for the next Christmas season!