Eden Can Wait

Eden Can Wait: Season 1

Ray N. Kuili

When young Boston reporter Ryan West finds himself unemployed and his reputation destroyed as a result of a rogue journalistic investigation, he starts looking for alternative ways to pay his bills. When his search takes an unexpected turn, leading him to a shocking job interview, Ryan doesn’t know that he is about to discover one of the most daring experiments ever conducted—and the chilling truth behind it.

I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 
I had mixed opinions about this book when I read the description. Sci-fi stuff can be hit or miss with me. They need to be done well or I don’t care too much for them. The concept of this book intrigued me so I gave it a shot. 
The book had a lot to take in and sometimes felt a little slow, but it only took me about a day and a half to read the book, so it was actually fast moving. It left me thinking deeply about life, which is always a huge plus in my eyes.
If you want a unique story that rattles you this is the book for you. The ending was so cool and I’m eager to read the next episodes and see where this story goes. 
This was a unique, compelling, and thought provoking story that really grabbed my attention and made me question everything I was reading, but in a good way. I was constantly looking for clues buried throughout the book and trying to figure out what the ESI place was really about. I guessed a few things, but not everything.
I love how this is split into episodes. It provided the nice mental break I needed at times after reading some intense mind boggling things. 
This is a book was worth reading for sure. I loved the idea and I’m eager to see where this goes.