Chloe’s Crusade Review

Chloe’s Review

The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II

By: Donnalyn Vojta

In this second volume of the unique suspense series, the ever-brave Chloe Stogdon inserts herself into the dark and chilling world of a global drug cartel. Her fearless companion, Tiny Bear, provides a vivid account of the distressing events which unfold around Chloe and her FBI team. The story takes exciting turns and boasts many layers, including a love triangle, a star-struck stalker, and tattered family relationships which may or may not be healed. Chloe’s old friends, including Tori, Richard, and Sidney, become entangled in Chloe’s drug crusade, and Love Bear, Fair Bear and, a debut bear, Rocco tell the thrilling tales. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is not a children’s book.

Donnalyn did it again! She used those sweet adorable bears to capture an intense and thrilling story. 
There was humor sprinkled in all the right places to give you a moment to catch your breath in between the suspense and worry. 
That cliffhanger ending! I need to know what’s going to happen soon! 
Chloe’s Crusade was a captivating story written to make me feel like I was right in the action too. This is a series you should check out for sure!

This was a great sequel to the The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I Hope In Paris. We get to see the three main narrators, Fair Bear, Love Bear, and a Sleepy Bear come back and share their stories and see how Chloe’s old friends help her with her drug cartel case shes working on. Tiny Bear and Rocco Bear bring new points of view to the story that help us connect the dots and enjoy the wonderful story Donnalyn created.