Never Fade Away

Never Fade Away

By: Chetan Batra


“What happened Yohan?” she asked I blurted out, “Can I kiss you?” …… A great relationship begins when two people who love each other and understand the bond they share for who they are created and what makes them unique from others. Yohan falls in love with Aditi, doesn’t want to slow things down so he confesses his love to Aditi, and she accepts it. After that their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs, anyhow they always find different ways to love and support each other. The day comes when an unforeseen incident changes their life forever… Aditi is critical, and Yohan is in peril on its own, helpless. What happened that brought them here in this position? Will they both arise from the incident? Will there lives come back to normal just like before? It is a heart-warming tale of love, hate, rejuvenation and above all, justice to be served at any cost.

I gave this book a 3.5 star (out of 5) rating. I really enjoyed this sweet story of a man’s love for a women who was fighting to change her world’s view on women. Aditi was fierce and strong and did what she could to bring awareness to her community about the way women were abused and mistreated. She helped uncover a big sex trafficking operation at the risk of her own life.

The love between Aditi and Yohan was sweet and innocent and a joy to read about and watch blossom. I felt bad for these characters as they faces so many hardships, but continued to fight and do what was right.

The story was a solid 4 star (out of 5) story, but some of the writing lacked emotion and detail to make it really enjoyable to read. I sometimes felt I was reading a summary of the story instead of the actual story. I also felt that sometimes the story jumped around too much without proper transitions to help make it flow nicely. I would have enjoyed a little more depth to the characters with more descriptions on what they were feeling, thinking, and how they were reacting to their situations.

A very cute story, but the simple writing brought it down a little. I felt that I was reading a story written by a young child at times. I am pretty sure that English was not the first language for Batra and for that I applaud the effort. With a little bit more practice with English I think Batra is on his way to creating some great stories.